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empower yourself with nlp

Empower Yourself with NLP Online Course

empower yourself with nlp

If you are:

  • Seeking an easy to follow and understand, jargon free introduction to NLP principles and techniques
  • Curious to learn about NLP at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home
  • Looking to empower yourself with NLP, and some effective and simple self-help techniques
  • Wishing to experience some NLP techniques to transform your confidence, motivation and success
  • An aspiring or existing practitioner/coach/therapist and would like to learn and experience some NLP techniques for yourself before completing a full NLP certification training and learning how to help others

then our Empower Yourself with NLP online course is ideal for you!

In the field of NLP there is some jargon which can be confusing to people new to the field.  Our Head Trainer, Dr Vesna Grubacevic, is renowned for teaching easy to learn and use NLP techniques, free from jargon.  The consistent feedback our students give us is how easy Dr Vesna makes the techniques to learn and apply.  This means that anyone can easily grasp the concepts and techniques, and use them with confidence and success.

Due to popular demand, Dr Vesna Grubacevic has personally created a unique online NLP introduction course that will empower you to easily grasp the principles of NLP.  In addition, you will enjoy dozens and dozens of simple, easy to understand and apply exercises and techniques, which you can instantly use to transform your confidence and success. 

You can work through this self paced course in the comfort of your own home/office, anytime that suits you.  This means that you can give yourself as little or as much time as you need to reflect, review and apply the principles and techniques.

Welcome to our Empower Yourself with NLP online course!

In this unique online NLP course, you will:

  • Define NLP is easy jargon-free ways
  • Uncover the origins and contributions to NLP
  • Determine how aligned you are for success
  • Identify how specifically you are sabotaging your confidence and success
  • Stop people and situations pushing your “buttons”
  • Uncover the real difference between short term and long term change
  • Stop beating up on yourself and putting yourself down
  • Banish worry, anxiety, procrastination and confusion
  • Transform self sabotage into lasting confidence and success!

We believe in creating exceptional value for our clients and students, and in making NLP techniques accessible to everyone.

Your Empower Yourself with NLP online course offers you plenty of value, including:

  • Over 20 hours of enjoyable learning, with a combination of:
    • video learning and fun quizzes
    • our best-selling Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence e-book filled with dozens and dozens of exercises and NLP techniques you can use to empower yourself right away
  • Certificate of completion and recognition of prior learning towards our full Transformational NLP Practitioner certification training.  This means that when you choose to continue your learning with us, you will receive recognition of completion of this course towards further learning with us
  • Lifetime access to review and enjoy this course and keep applying the techniques for your ongoing confidence and success
  • Email support from Dr Vesna to assist you with your questions
  • Access to our highly popular Qt Self Empowerment Technique© audio (unique to us) to empower you to maintain your success.

That is a total value over $595 for only $297!

Enrol by 31st August 2021 and save a further 34%

Enrol in this course by 31st August 2021 (using the code NLP34% at the checkout).  This means you only pay $195 for lifetime access to this online course.

Looking forward to empowering you further!

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