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Exciting Gifting Collaboration with Boxti

We are very excited to collaborate with Boxti and empower more people with the Self Care Boxti. Boxti is a boutique gifting company based in Melbourne that specialise in premium gifts for every occasion. Their gorgeous gift boxes are ideal for any occasion.

The Self Care Boxti makes a perfect gift at anytime, including the Festive Season.  This gorgeous Boxti contains a range of nurturing bath and other pamper products, plus our nine times Amazon best-selling and celebrity gifted book, Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence.  What a better way to nurture yourself than taking some time out to soak in a relaxing pampering bath, while empowering yourself for greater confidence and success.

View the complete Self Care Boxti contents as well as their entire range of gift boxes, and spoil yourself, a loved one, a friend, colleague or client in time for the festive season and any time!

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