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feeling betrayed

Feeling Betrayed?

feeling betrayed
  • Are you feeling betrayed?
  • Has your trust and loyalty been broken? 
  • Are other people reneging on their promises or going back on their word?
  • Have you been deceived or misled?

Who Has Betrayed You?

  • Your partner, loved one, friend
  • Colleague, manager, leader
  • Business partner, supplier, customer
  • Someone in authority, someone you respected
  • An organisation, a system, society?

How Have You Been Betrayed?

Have any of the above:

  • gone back on their word or not kept their promises
  • betrayed your loyalty
  • disappointed your trust or expectations
  • said one thing and then did another
  • mislead or deceived you
  • humiliated or put you down in public
  • violated your privacy or confidence
  • violated your emotional, psychological or physically safety?

What is Betrayal?

We have dozens of different emotions; betrayal is one of them. Betrayal is an emotion you feel when someone you trust breaks that trust by doing something that hurts you. Anger, hurt and other emotions can often accompany the emotion of betrayal.

If you are feeling betrayed first check, is the emotion you are feeling in proportion. Some betrayal is appropriate in certain situations.  When our betrayal “buttons” are pushed and we feel overwhelming betrayal or when we distrust everyone in case they betray us, then betrayal is out of proportion.

Dealing with Betrayal

Consider the following:

  • Do you keep trusting the wrong people, and keep getting hurt and disappointed?
  • Are you misplacing your trust, and trusting the same people who have betrayed you again and again?
  • Do you keep people at arm’s length for fear of being betrayed?
  • Is fear of betrayal sabotaging your personal or professional relationships?

If you are suspicious of everyone, untrusting of everyone (even the people who give you no reason to not trust them), these are signs you need to let go of the past betrayal. Because if you keep expecting people to be untrustworthy or to betray you, you will keep attracting those people to you and you will be betrayed again and again.

Expecting others to be untrustworthy or to betray you, will also sabotage your personal and professional relationships.  As you question everyone’s trust, you will push people away or prevent yourself from forming healthy and trusting relationships with your partner, family, friends, colleagues, and manager.

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Never Be Betrayed Again!

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