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feeling disconnected a sign of lingering trauma

Feeling Disconnected – A Sign of Lingering Trauma

feeling disconnected a sign of lingering trauma

An increasing number of people are feeling disconnected as they attempt to recover from the pandemic associated trauma.  I have noticed that many people are disconnected, and unaware that they are experiencing the symptoms of lingering trauma.  Speaking with people at networking and social events, some are reporting walking around in a daze, just existing, rather than truly living life.

Trauma can linger well after significant emotional events or shock events have passed.  These events include divorce, separation, retrenchment, pandemic, lockdowns, health challenges, death, loss, etc. Some people can recover from these faster than others.  Other people feel the effects long after those events have passed; they are often unable to explain how they are feeling or their change in behaviour. 

Trauma is a negative emotion which, if left unaddressed, can have negative consequences for our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.  It can also suppress us feeling positive emotions like joy, happiness, confidence, motivation, etc.

The Symptoms of Lingering Trauma

Below are some lingering signs of trauma:

  • feeling detached or disconnected from work, people, life
  • can’t be bothered to do things
  • feeling emotionally exhausted, or persistent fatigue
  • difficulty concentrating and focusing on tasks at hand
  • feeling apathetic towards work, relationships, health, life
  • difficulty sleeping, falling asleep or waking during the night
  • feeling overwhelming anger, fear, anxiety, hurt, loneliness, guilt, shame, resentment, betrayal, depression, etc

Are you, your family, friends or colleagues experiencing any of these lingering symptoms of trauma?

Talking Can Be Retraumatising

Any time you discuss, work with or recall memories or events of trauma, there is an inherent risk of re-traumatising the person and/or re-associating them into the traumatic emotions.  For some people, the mere mention of past traumatic events can re-traumatise them.

Back in 1932, psychoanalyst Sándor Ferenczi, admitted to his colleagues at the 12th International Psychoanalytical Congress in Wiesbaden “that psychoanalysis could be retraumatising”.  In 1997, Onno van der Hart and Kathy Steele in their paper “Relieving or Reliving Childhood Trauma?” state that “directly addressing traumatic memories is not always helpful and can sometimes be damaging to our clients”.   In addition, the more detail the client goes into regarding traumatic events, the greater the risk of hyperarousal of their nervous system, and them being retraumatised.

Symptoms versus Deeper Issues

It is important to pay attention to the symptoms of lingering trauma, then to address the underlying cause safely and quickly.  From my experience in working with thousands of clients, only addressing the symptoms of trauma, working with unconscious beliefs and emotions, and aligning values, is insufficient to permanently and safely address the deep trauma, and then assist the client to live a happy and fulfilling life.  To address this safely, quickly and permanently requires much deeper work – identifying and addressing the deeper core issues in such a way the client never needs to talk about or work with past memories in order to address the trauma.

Quickly and Safely Transform Trauma into Fulfillment and Joy

We have used a faster, safer approach to transform traumas with the discovery and development of a new filter/deep unconscious driver of behaviour, Qt respect i®, and associated Qt respect i® techniques, as part of my PhD.  Since then we are honoured to have won multiple awards for innovation and leadership in this industry. This has transformed the speed of lasting change, with each deep core unconscious issue being permanently addressed in 5 minutes.  This means that clients can now overcome lingering trauma, past complex traumas, complex grief, toxic and abusive relationships, PTSD, FV/DV, etc, safely and quickly… and can also be empowered to live happier and more successful lives sooner!

Need Help with Lingering Trauma?

If you know family, friends and colleagues who are experiencing the above symptoms, please ask them to email me at to learn more and for a confidential, complimentary phone session.

Looking forward to empowering you!

Dr Vesna

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