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Gold Logie Winner Inspires and Receives My Book

Congratulations to Carrie Bickmore for receiving Australian TV’s top honour, the Gold Logie.  The Gold Logie Award is an award presented annually at the Australian TV Week Logie Awards for the Most Popular Personality on Australian Television.  Carrie also won the Logie for Most Popular Presenter for her work on the TV show, The Project.  I am honoured that a copy of my Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence book has been selected and included in Carrie’s 2015 Gold Logie Winner gift bag. 

Carrie gave a heart-felt acceptance speech, dedicating her Gold Logie to everyone going through really tough times, and everyone supporting those going through really tough times.  You can watch Carrie’s inspirational speech here and also support her cause.

Thank you Carrie for your strength, inspiration and for making a difference, and I trust you will enjoy all the gifts in your Gold Logie Winner gift bag.

If you know someone who is going through tough times and needs some help, please offer them your support and some free NLP resources to help them.

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees at this year’s Logie Awards!  A big thank you to all my wonderful clients, colleagues, family and friends for their encouragement and support.  I am touched and grateful to be able to assist you.

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