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What is Your Happiness Level?

How much happiness and harmony do you have in your career, relationships and life?

happinessEach year the World Happiness report ranks countries on their happiness levels.  They add that the main factors found to support happiness include: caring, freedom, generosity, honesty, health, income and good governance.

How Happy Are You?

If you apply these factors to your own life, how would you rank your happiness levels?  Take a moment to jot down your replies to the following questions.  Then read on for some free resources to assist you.

·         How much care do you give to yourself and others?

·         How much care do you receive from others, both at home and at work?

·         How much freedom do you feel you have in your career, relationships and life?

·         How generous are you towards yourself and others?

·         How honest are you with yourself and where you are in your career, relationship and life?

·         How honest are you with other people?

·         How good is your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health?

·         How satisfied are you with your income and financial position?

·         How well do you make decisions in your life?

·         How well do you follow through on the decision you make?

Supporting Happiness and Harmony

20th March 2019 is the International Day of Happiness.  This year’s theme is Happier Together, focusing on what we have in common.  Harmony Day (21st March 2019) is about “inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone”.

Because our vision is to create an empowered society and assist more people to live happier lives and have harmonious relationships with others, we are proud to be supporting the International Day of Happiness and Harmony Day again this year.

We also believe that everyone belongs and we respect, appreciate and welcome differences, and empower our team and clients to learn and grow from other people’s differences.

One of the many ways that we do this is by using our unique multi-award winning Qt respecti ® techniques to help our clients.  We also train and certify more practitioners in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Qt respecti ® techniques so that they can assist more people to do the same.

Put more happiness and harmony in your career, relationships and life today by:

·         enjoying your free NLP resources

·         sharing these free resources with your family, friends and colleagues and empowering them too!

I look forward to continuing to empower you, and to create an empowered society!

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