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How to Regain Your Confidence

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Have you lost your confidence in your career/business or life?

Are you seeking more confidence to recover from challenges, and to improve your success?

According to LinkedIn, Australian worker confidence reached more than a 12-month low in the last quarter. They attribute this decline in worker confidence to a number of factors, including their own work experience and education, and their chances of reaching the next level.

Confidence versus Competence

Confidence is a positive emotion that reflects your level of self-belief and self-worth. The greater your belief in yourself and your worth, the greater your level of confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Sometimes we can confuse confidence with competence. Confidence is an emotion, while competence relates to our level of skill and ability. Both confidence and competence are important for success in life. One without the other may compromise our level of success.

Confidence Busters

Most people have had confidence at one time or another in their career/business or life, then “lost” it. Events happen in our lives that can reduce our confidence. Common types of events, or confidence busters as I call them, include the following:

At work/in business

• being retrenched or fired from a job

• a financial loss or lost business opportunities

• receiving a poor performance assessment

• being harshly criticised by other people; being ignored, isolated, teased, harassed, or bullied

In relationships

• separation, divorce, or break-up from a partner

• conflict in a family: with parents, siblings, other relatives, in-laws, ex-partners, stepchildren, step-parents

• death of a close family member or friend

• being in an abusive or dysfunctional personal relationship

In health

• being overweight, putting on weight, or poor body image

• illness or injury affecting our mobility or energy levels

• illness or injury affecting a loved one’s mobility or wellbeing

• emotional or mental health challenges (e.g. addictions to unhealthy substances, depression, phobias, fears and anxieties, emotional breakdown, other mental health issues)

These can all be confidence busters, as can any other event that pushes us out of our comfort zone.  Anytime we are pushed out of our comfort zone, we may find it difficult to cope or we may question ourselves and our abilities.  This can then also negatively affect our level of confidence.

How did the past few years affect your level of confidence and success?

How to Regain Your Confidence Quickly

Here are some ways you can quickly regain and grow your confidence, and personal and professional success:

Looking forward to empowering you!

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