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stay focused on business success

How to Stay Focused on Business Success During Challenge and Uncertainty

Are you feeling stuck or frustrated by the current health and economic environment?  Have you lost your confidence, focus, motivation or drive in business?

stay focused on business success

I was recently interviewed by Lee Cummins, the wonderful founder of Connect Her.  Connect Her events offer a fabulous place to connect, build community, alliances, friendships, gain support from others and be inspired.

Listen to or Watch the Interview

During the interview with Lee, we discussed a variety of current issues facing business owners, including how to:

  • feel in control in your business and life
  • get out of inaction and regain your motivation
  • bounce back from challenges
  • stay focused, motivated and disciplined working from home
  • optimise your time and energy working from home
  • find opportunities in challenge and embrace change in business
  • pivot your business for success
  • regain your confidence
  • overcome negative habits
  • and much more.

You can listen to the podcast interview now or watch the live interview below (which starts at 2 minutes 20 seconds).

How to Stay Focused on Business Success

To help you to stay focused on business success, enjoy some free NLP resources and empower yourself right away.  If you would like additional support or have any questions, please reach out as I am here to help.

Looking forward to continuing to empower you.

Stay well and safe!

Dr Vesna

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