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How to Stop Self-Sabotage

Do you:

  • beat up on yourself or put yourself down?
  • miss out on promotions or job interviews?
  • wish you could progress further in your career?
  • overspend even though you want to save?
  • fear failure/success/rejection/being hurt?
  • eat emotionally or have a rollercoaster struggle with your weight?
  • procrastinate taking action on your dreams and goals?

We sabotage ourselves anytime we want to achieve something and then our action or lack of action prevents us from achieving it.  This is an unconscious pattern that people run, often unaware of how they are being their own worst enemy.

Would you like to stop sabotaging yourself?  Here are three ways to empower yourself right away:

1.  You can read my free tips on how to stop sabotaging your career and finances in the August 2013 edition of Women’s Health magazine (“If you don’t foe me by now…” on pp 165 & 167), out now.

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