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How to Stop Stress and Worry and Regain Control


Is the current health situation in Australia and the world causing you stress and worry? Do you feel out of control?  Are you struggling with adjusting to a new way of life?

I am honoured to have recently been interviewed by the inspirational Toni Lonis on her radio show, Radio Toni.

Radio Toni is Talkback radio with heart and soul, delivered with love, empathy and understanding, bringing social consciousness into your life, talking about trauma, healing, giving voice to the unheard and discussing spirituality, providing a safe space for interaction between guests and listeners.

Toni Lontis is passionate about helping and healing by telling peoples stories. She feels privileged to inspire, empower, educate and help the world, one radio show at a time.

Listen to the Interview

On the show with Toni, we discussed a variety of current issues and answered some commonly asked questions, including:

  •  the current health situation facing Australia and the world
  •  how different people deal with uncertainty
  •  how fear and anxiety can sabotage your confidence and success
  •  what is confidence and the common ways we can sabotage it
  •  how having confidence can help you to deal with uncertainty
  •  developing more resilience
  •  using NLP and hypnosis techniques to minimise stress and worry and regain control
  •  how to make the most of home isolation
  •  changing habits and addressing deeper issues
  •  and much more.

You can listen to the full interview now – the interview begins at 12 minutes and 50 seconds.

How to Stop Stress and Worry and Regain Control

Because I am really concerned about everyone’s mental and emotional health during this time, I am offering you my personalised support.  To help you to stop stress and worry, and regain control enjoy some self-help free NLP resources to empower you.  If you would like additional support or have any questions, simply email me as I am here to help.

Looking forward to continuing to empower you.

Stay healthy and safe!

Dr Vesna

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