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hypnosis for anxiety

Overcoming Performance Anxiety

hypnosis for anxiety

Does the thought of:

  • doing a presentation, speech, live interview
  • giving a wedding speech, best man speech or your wedding vows
  • doing videos, live social media posts or networking
  • preparing for or taking tests and exams
  • dance/acting/singing auditions and performances
  • doing well in competition sports
  • asking someone out or being on a date, etc

have you:

  • filled with dread, worry, fear or panic
  • avoid it or put it off
  • freeze with stage fright
  • break out in a sweat or have sweaty palms
  • go blank, forget what to say or have racing thoughts
  • have a dry mouth, rushed breathing, butterflies in your stomach
  • feel nauseous, shaking, trembling, fainting?

You are amongst the up to 95% of people who experience some type of performance anxiety in their professional and/or personal life. More people are turning to hypnosis for anxiety to assist them.

What is Performance Anxiety?

Anxiety is an emotion we feel when we worry or dwell on the negatives, often about things that are going to happen in the future.  There are different types and intensities of anxiety, ranging from a little worry, generalised anxiety, social anxiety, to panic attacks.

Performance anxiety is anxiety associated with being able to achieve something, perform any task or activity, or do well in a specific situation.  Performance anxiety can lead to avoidance, procrastination, obsessiveness, perfectionism, loss of confidence, and lack of motivation. Often fears, insecurities and deeper core issues are linked to performance anxiety. 

Managing Minor Performance Anxiety

It is possible to manage and overcome minor performance anxiety.  By paying attention to what causes it, you can then develop better coping mechanism for dealing with those situations.  You can consciously decide to respond differently next time you are in that situation. 

This becomes a new way of being where you need to self-regulate, and then consciously respond differently.  This requires consistent effort and energy.  Alternatively, with NLP and Hypnosis for anxiety techniques, I can assist you to make this much easier so your new responses are automatic for you.

Permanently Addressing Deeper Performance Anxiety

If the performance anxiety is more intense, where you experience fear, panic, stage fright, break out in a sweat, shake, tremble, feel nauseous or faint, much deeper subconscious work is recommended for permanent results.

Often things have occurred in a person’s life that have caused or contributed to the deeper performance anxiety.  I specialise in assisting clients to identify and quickly and permanently address the deeper core subconscious issues that caused the deeper performance anxiety. We can even help you to do this without referring to, mentioning, discussing or working with past memories using our very own multi-award winning Qt respect i® techniques. 

How to Overcome Performance Anxiety

We have worked with thousands of professionals, business owners, athletes, students, parents and performers to help them quickly and permanently overcome performance anxiety.  Empower yourself to overcome performance anxiety:

Looking forward to empowering you.

Dr Vesna

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