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Do You Rely on Willpower or Willingness for Success? Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and Much More!

Do you rely on willpower to change habits, behaviours and patterns of sabotage?  How high is your willingness to make changes in your career, relationship or life? Would you like to experience hypnotherapy for weight loss or other bad habits?


Some people believe that they can change habits and improve their lives if only they had more willpower.  Willpower is a strong determination, self discipline and self control that helps you to do something.  For example, stop smoking, lose weight, exercise, write a report, do paperwork, manage your finances, make decisions, etc.

People with a lack of willpower will force themselves to do the things they want to do or need to do.  You may know of people who have forced themselves to be good and to resist temptations to eat chocolate, junk food, have that extra drink, etc.  They may even force themselves to do the things they find boring only to find that moments later they distract themselves with something more enjoyable – or they put off doing the boring task.

Most people last several days only with sheer willpower as it takes a conscious effort to succeed with willpower.  It takes at least 21 consecutive days to change a habit with willpower.  For many people, this is a lot of self discipline which they do not have.

A lack of willpower is the main reason that most people do not follow through with their behaviour or lifestyle changes. A recent Stress in America (TM) survey by the American Psychological Association’s revealed that lack of willpower was the most significant barrier to change.


In contrast, willingness is a desire.  It is about being prepared to do something, having a readiness.  With that readiness it is easier to do things.  With willingness, change in easier.  When people reach a point of frustration, have had enough of a challenge, are “so over it”, say that something must change now, that is when their willingness to change is even higher.

Importantly, we cannot make you do what you do not want to do or make you do something you want to do.  With your willingness to make a change, we can assist you to make the change you want to make.  By using techniques that work on a subconscious level (where all habits, behaviours and patterns reside), the change is far easier and faster.

Combining your willingness to change with an hour of hypnosis, or 10 minutes of NLP or under 5 minutes with Qt respecti ® techniques, changes to a habit or behaviour are subconscious, fast and last.

Are you Willing?

Any change begins with your willingness and readiness to change. First, you need to identify what you wish to change or improve in your career, relationship or life.  Which behaviours, habits or patterns are no longer serving you?  Which ones are sabotaging your success?  Think about this for a moment and jot down your thoughts.

Next, ask yourself, “Which of these am I now ready to change? All, some, or none of these?” You can make a note of these also.

Now it is time for you to decide if you would like to make those changes. Only you can make this choice. Take a moment now to honestly ask yourself, “Am I ready to now make the above changes/improvements?”

This is an important step because any techniques you use will only make a difference and work for you if you are ready to make the change, and do it for yourself. Not your family, not your friends, not your manager, not your colleagues, not your partner – the change needs to be mainly for you.  You need to have the will and the desire to make the change yourself. Then, once the desire and will is there, the change is much easier.

How much willingness do you have to:

and have the personal and professional relationships and success you desire?

If you are ready and willing, empower yourself with your free NLP resources, your free chapter of best-selling Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence book, and your free Discovery session today.

Looking forward to empowering you.

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