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89.9 LightFM

Proud to be an Expert with 89.9 LightFM and Spreading Positivity

We are very excited and proud to be an expert with 89.9 LightFM and to be partnering with such a wonderful group of people and community in spreading positivity.

LightFM is Melbourne’s Positive Alternative and is a community radio station dedicated to bringing positive content with fun.  For the past 18 years, we at Qt, have been empowering people to transform negativity(including negative self talk, self sabotage, negative patterns, etc), into consistent and lasting confidence and personal and professional success.

As part of their transformation, we encourage all our clients, contacts and networks to create an empowering and positive environment for themselves.  This includes what they read, listen to, watch and who they surround themselves with on a daily basis, both personally and professionally.

This is why we are so excited to be partnering with LightFM and empowering you with positives to listen to at any time.

You are also welcome to join us in our vision to create an empowering society.  Join our next multi award-winning NLP, Hypnotherapy and Qt respecti ® certification training and learn how to empower yourself and make a profound difference in the lives of others!

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