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qt award win

Qt Wins Another Award – Leading Innovators in Training & Behavioural Change Services – Australia

The winners of the Corporate Vision Magazine 2019 Small Business Awards have recently been announced.  As part of these awards, Qt wins another award – Leading Innovators in Training & Behavioural Change Services – Australia.

qt award win

Thank you!

A huge thank you to our clients, team, networks, community and award judges for this honour.  We are humbled by this award win and for being recognised as leaders and innovators in our industry again.

The 2019 Small Business Awards seek out, reward and highlight only the best in this wonderfully vibrant industry.  CV Awards Co-ordinator states that “It is my belief that small businesses are the backbone of any profitable economy, however they are often overlooked when it comes to recognition. I am proud to be able to showcase some of the best and brightest in this awards programme, and I would like to offer all of my winners congratulations and my best wishes for the future. Your hard work has earned you a place in this year’s Small Business Awards, which is no small feat.”

Qt Wins Another Award and Supports Our Vision

It is an honour to be delivering on our vision of creating an empowered society since 2000.  This requires a change to the status quo, it means innovation and leadership, so that more people can live happier, healthier and more purposeful lives.  We pride ourselves on doing things differently, on creating fast and lasting transformation via our transformational certification trainings and services.

This latest award win also recognises our innovative breakthrough advanced behavioural change Qt respecti ® techniques and certification trainings. With these techniques, there is now a proven, safe and recognised way to permanently stop the disempowering dynamics with other people and get the respect, love and appreciation you deserve.

A very big thank you to everyone for your ongoing support, and helping us to deliver on our vision of creating an empowered society.

With gratitude….

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