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Reduce Festive Season Stress for Business Success

reduce festive season stress

As the festive season approaches, stress levels can increase with professionals and business owners thinking about how much they need to get done. When we reduce festive season stress, we can truly enjoy the season and maximise our business success for the rest of the year.

A key to doing this is to learn how to master your thinking.  By mastering your thinking, you will increase your productivity and reduce festive season stress for business success.

Forget about doing everything 

Why is it that professionals and business owners feel the need to get everything done before Christmas and the festive season begin? Why put so much unnecessary stress on yourself? Forget about doing everything before the festive season and take the pressure off. “Everything” is a lot of things, which are probably too many to complete in the time you have available this year. So instead of getting overwhelmed as you think about everything you need to do and setting yourself up for more stress, be realistic and set yourself up for success!

Now is the time to set some priorities for yourself for the coming weeks. Firstly, make a list of things that must be completed before the festive season in your business. For example, finish projects for clients, arrange seasons’ greetings cards and hampers for clients, attend networking events, etc. Then make a list of things that must be completed before the festive season begins personally. For example, buy presents, write cards for family and friends, finalise holiday plans, etc.

Prioritise for success

Then once you have these lists complete, ask yourself, does each activity on your lists really need to be completed before the festive season.  If not, it is OK to say no to things that are a low priority, and that can wait until after the new year begins.  If yes, prioritise the actions on each list in order of importance. Then put a completion date next to each action.  Once your list of priorities is complete and is realistic, you will feel more at ease and think more clearly.

Make sure that you put aside time in your diary or planner to do these actions.  By seeing the actions in your diary or planner, it will keep you focused and will help to minimise any distractions.  If you rely on remembering everything that needs to be done, you will likely add to your stress levels. There is also a risk it may be missed (out of sight, out of mind).

Next, think about the things that can wait until after the festive season. Make a list of the things you want to complete, both personally and in business during the following timeframes:
–  during the festive season break
–  during January 2024
–  during February 2024.

Again, you can prioritise each list and put timeframes for completion next to each action. Then diarise these actions.

Set Yourself Up for an Exceptional End of 2023 and 2024!

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