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Stop Fitting In and Differentiate!

Do you like attention and being seen or do you prefer the safety and comfort zone of blending into the crowd? Is fear of rejection preventing you from being your unique self?  Are you fitting in to be accepted and liked?

Coco Chanel said it well: “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

If you wish to stand out from the “herd” in business or in interviews and be even more successful, you must differentiate!  Yet, most people simply fit in.  Why?  Because it is safe, prevents rejection and judgement by others.

By fitting in, they feel accepted as part of the group.  Yet, if you blend into the group, you can never stand out.  If you do the same as everyone else, you will never differentiate.  When you differentiate, you grab people’s attention.  Therein lies the challenge, to differentiate you need to be OK with getting attention.

If you are too similar to other candidates, how can an employer choose you over them?  If you copy other business owners and offer similar products/services as competitors, how can customers choose you over them?  It takes courage to stand out, to be yourself, and to offer something unique to your employer/customers.

How are you fitting in and limiting your success?

Anytime you fit in and stop yourself from being true to yourself, you are limiting your potential and, therefore, your success.  There are many ways that people can do this and below are several common ways.

Do you:

  • adjust your behaviour to please others
  • say what others want to hear to avoid confrontation
  • lack the confidence to say “no”
  • compromise your personality/values/beliefs to be liked
  • change your appearance, name or sense of identity to belong
  • etc?

All of the above and more are the result of our fears, self doubts and limiting beliefs.  What fears, self doubts and limiting beliefs are causing you to fit in and preventing you from differentiating?

Here are some free NLP resources and free chapter of Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence book to help you to build your confidence, stand out and be even more successful.  You are also welcome to post your questions below or email me for a confidential reply.

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