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Thank You for Your Support

I am excited to share some news with you and would like to thank you, our customers, our team and our suppliers for your support in our journey.  Qt is leading our industry and has just been presented with a sustainable business certificate (Grow Me the Money Certificate of Completion) for the second consecutive year.

We have demonstrated significant environmental savings (through a range of initiatives) while growing our business, and empowering even more people with our brand of NLPHypnosis and Qt’s behavioural change techniques.  Since 2000 we have been committed to supporting individuals, businesses and communities in transformational, sustainable and ecological ways.

Whenever we make changes using NLP, Hypnosis and Qt’s behavioural change techniques we ensure that your outcomes are achieved quickly, so that they last and are ecological on all four levels (good for the client, good for their family and friends, good for society and good for the environment).

We thank our customers, team and suppliers for embracing our sustainability initiatives and assisting us to exceed our sustainability targets.  Our commitment to your success and transformational and sustainable change continues.  Thank you again and I personally welcome your suggestions and feedback on how we can continue to empower you to succeed.

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