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Experiencing Toxic Behaviour in Relationships?

Are you dreading going to work or catching up with family, relatives or friends?  Is the thought of being asked about your relationships/work/life causing you anxiety, worry or stress? Would you like to stop other people from sabotaging your confidence and success? Are you experiencing toxic behaviour in relationships?

toxic behaviour in relationships

Sometimes our personal or professional relationships can be empowering and support our personal and professional success.  Likewise, sometimes, those relationships can be negative or toxic, and sabotage our confidence and our success.

Ask yourself the following questions and check whether your work and personal relationships are empowering you or not.


  • you in stressful or energy-draining personal and professional relationships
  • other people treating you like a doormat and walking all over you
  • you feeling used (emotionally, financially, physically or mentally) or being taken advantage of
  • you being bullied, being put down or criticised by others
  • other people not dealing with their own issues and “dumping” their issues on you
  • you compromising yourself and what is right for you in order to stay in your personal and professional relationships
  • you being treated as less than an equal, being treated unfairly or unjustly by others
  • you in a one-way relationship with a partner, family member, friend, manager, colleague or in business where you do all the giving and they do all the taking
  • you not speaking up to avoid confrontation or other people’s anger
  • you feeling angry, frustrated, afraid, anxious, betrayed, abandoned, resentful or rejected by other people’s behaviour?

Left unaddressed, the above toxic behaviour in relationships can often lead to a number of major issues.  Watch this short video to learn more. In this video, I also ask you 3 very important questions to empower you for greater confidence and personal and professional success.

I look forward to answering your questions and empowering you further.

Dr Vesna

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