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melbourne arthritis

Addressing Emotional and Physical Pain with Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and Qt

Do you or someone you know have:melbourne arthritis

  • back, neck, muscle, joint or chronic pain
  • soft tissue, sport or other injury, sciatica or nerve pain
  • fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoporosis or weight conditions
  • stress, anxiety, restless sleep, insomnia, chronic fatigue
  • lack of motivation, confidence, self esteem, direction
  • unwanted habits, self sabotage or recurring health/relationship/life patterns
  • emotional pain, depression, grief, trauma, post traumatic stress, panic attacks
  • toxic or dysfunctional personal or professional relationships?

Many physical conditions, including the above, also have emotional causes and contributors.  Likewise, physical conditions can lead to emotional pain, unwanted habits, lack of motivation, low confidence and more.  Therefore, it is important to address both emotional and physical pain in a holistic way.

A Holistic Approach

We are honoured to partner with Melbourne Arthritis and to offer a holistic approach to pain management for our clients.

Founded in 2014 by Dr Farshad Ghazanfari (Consultant Physician and Musculoskeletal Physician), Melbourne Arthritis offers a comprehensive multifaceted approach to a wide range of arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions.  As part of their holistic approach to patient care they now also offer Qt’s Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Qt respect i® consultations to assist clients to address the emotional pain and emotional contributors to physical pain.

We are delighted to partner with Dr Farshad Ghazanfari and be a part of his specialist team.  For your convenience, Dr Farshad consults at Blackburn, Knox Private Hospital and Dandenong North.

In addition to offering consultations online and at her office in Collins Street, Dr Vesna Grubacevic now also offers Advanced Clinical Hypnosis, NLP and Qt respect i® consultations at Melbourne Arthritis in Blackburn.

Learn more about Dr Farshad Ghazanfari, who is Ranked First Consultant Physician in Victoria, and Mrs Morvarid Sadeghian, who is the Senior General Physiotherapist on his team.

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Discover how Melbourne Arthritis and Qt can assist you to address emotional and physical pain:

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