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Dealing with Depression

dealing with depression

  • Is the thought of dealing with depression overwhelming to you?
  • Do you find yourself feeling down, lonely, depressed, crying at the drop of a hat or feeling overwhelmingly hurt by what others say and do?
  • Are your emotions controlling your life, affecting your relationships, your performance at work and holding you back?
  • Are you lacking the energy and the motivation to do the things you want to do, including simple everyday activities?

When we go through significant experiences in life eg. relationship break up, financial problems, a business failure, retrenchment, loss of a loved one, accidents, injuries, illnesses, etc, some people cope with these events well, while others find it difficult to cope and can become depressed by these circumstances.  They may lose motivation, confidence, self-esteem, focus and energy and may get caught up in the emotions and self doubts around these events.

If you think someone you know may be experiencing depression or you would like to assist them to more effectively deal with any significant life experience and prevent depression:

Thank you for supporting people with depression to recover and live more fulfilling lives.

I look forward to continuing to empower you and others, and to create an empowered society!

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