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Grief and loss

Dealing with Grief and Loss

Grief and loss

Recently, I have been helping clients to deal with a range of losses from the past few years and recent world events. Below are some tips to assist you.

Have you recently lost a loved one, a job, a relationship, a friend or a pet?  Are you feeling overwhelming sadness, grief, loss, anger, hurt, guilt or any other emotions?  Do these emotions stop you or hold you back from moving forward and having a life you desire?

What Are Grief and Loss?

Grief and loss are emotions just like anger and fear are emotions.  Grieving is a natural human process. It is important that we allow ourselves to see and feel grief after a loss.  

People can feel grief and loss after losing a loved one, a pet, a friend, a job, after a relationship break up, when they move interstate or overseas and lose their friends and/or their sense of identity, as a result of a natural disaster or negative world events, or any time any relationship, project or situation ends or concludes.  In these situations it is appropriate for us to feel a range of emotions, including grief and loss.

The degree of grieving can vary depending on the situation and the person.  At the same time, if we find ourselves feeling overwhelming grief or loss, it is a sign that these emotions are unresolved and they may prevent us from fully living our lives and doing the things we desire.  

The grieving process can be as short or as long as we feel we need. Generally, the grieving process is shorter if we are complete with the person that has left us, passed away or with the situation that has happened. 

Are You Allowing Yourself to Grieve?

If we do not allow ourselves sufficient time to grieve and instead suppress our emotions and soldier on as if all is well, this can create other challenges. These include lack of sleep, stress, frustration, feeling overly responsible, guilt and can even result in ill health.  Because any time we do not listen to our emotions and suppress them, we risk creating ill health.  Also, by suppressing our emotions, we are storing them at the unconscious level for them to come up even bigger at a later time.

Our beliefs can also impact on the degree to which we grieve, and can prevent us from grieving.  It is important that there is a supportive environment for those experiencing grief or loss. This includes showing them empathy and understanding, and encouraging and giving them an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings with others.

While challenging, dealing with grief and loss can be a gentle journey when we allow ourselves to express our emotions and when we surround ourselves with supportive people.  This will assist us to preserve our health and wellbeing, and also refocus on living our life.

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Please reach out if you are needing some support in dealing with grief and loss as we are here to help.

Dr Vesna

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