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Five Energy Drainers to Avoid!

Are you constantly tired?  Is you lack of energy affecting your health, work performance, relationships and desired lifestyle?  Would you like to have enough energy to do what you desire each day?

Together with my colleague, Nevenka, a Clinical Nutritionist, below we share the 5 energy drainers you must avoid if you want to have the energy to enjoy life, strengthen your immune system for autumn and winter, avoid ill health, achieve optimal wellbeing and the personal and professional success you desire:

1.   Emotional Baggage: Out of proportion emotions (eg. anger, fear, hurt, guilt, rejection, etc) and self doubts (eg. not good enough, fear of failure/success, not loved, etc) drain your emotional energy.   It takes a lot of effort and energy to keep this emotional baggage stored, and often it causes lethargy and interrupted sleep.

2.   Being a Worrier: Worrying or being anxious about what could go wrong or happen in the future causes much emotional, mental and physical stress.  Worry and anxiety also clutter up your mind with negative chatter, have you lose your focus and affect your concentration and productivity.

3.   Toxic People: If you surround yourself with negative people at work and/or personally, after a while of listening to other people’s negativity, you may find your energy levels depleted.  You have probably had experiences where you felt drained of energy after speaking to a negative person.

4.   Quick Energy Hits/Bad Habits: Quick energy hits (eg. caffeine, energy drinks, sugar filled foods, etc) are a good way to have your energy levels on a rollercoaster, leaving you feeling even more tired once their effects wear off.  Bad habits (eg. poor/lack of sleep, overexercising, eating junk food, smoking, etc) are energy draining and often due to the above three reasons.

5.   Poor Nutrition: A diet comprising low nutritionally balanced foods (eg. heavy foods, hidden sugars and fats, acidic foods, etc) and over-acidic water will drain your physical energy levels.  These also weaken your immune system, increase your susceptibility to ill health, and deplete your body of vital minerals and vitamins that are critical to support your cellular health. 
Are you ready for more energy?
Nevenka and I welcome any questions you have below, and look forward to answering those and assisting you.

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