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NLP quit job

Warning Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Are you feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, unappreciated or undervalued in your job?  Do you ever wonder if there is a better job/career out there for you?  Are you ignoring the warning signs it is time to quit?

NLP quit job

I was recently interviewed for CPA’s In the Black Magazine article “Should I Quit My Job? 5 Signs It’s Time to Go”.  It is very timely as this week I celebrate 19 wonderful years of running my own company Qt, and transforming thousands of lives.  Leaving my corporate job made it possible for me to pursue my purpose and passion all these years.  Running my own company and making a real difference to others’ lives is incredibly rewarding.

What is Your Warning Sign?

There are many warning signs to look out for to know it is time to quit your job.  Besides the obvious warning signs, even more important is to be aware of and pay attention to the less obvious signs.  My warning sign in my corporate job was not wanting to go to work one morning. Because this was so out of character, it made me stop, pay attention and do something about it 19 years ago.

One of the obvious warning signs is being in a toxic workplace relationship.  Perhaps you are being put down, your work is never enough no matter how much or how well you do, you are being bullied, isolated, unappreciated, undervalued, and not respected.

How to Successfully Quit Your Job and Exit

This is an area in which I spend much time assisting clients. Delighted to share our latest inspirational client success story.  Brittany was in a toxic workplace relationship and recently left that job because she secured her ideal new career a month after addressing her challenges and setting her ideal career goal!  Congratulations Brittany, I am thrilled for you!

With our award-wining techniques and expertise in this area, you too can pay attention and act on the warning signs, secure your ideal career and quit your current job.  Here are some free resources to empower you right away.

Please do reach out with any questions as I am here to help.

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