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Already Dreading Work?

The year has just begun and are you already dreading work?  Or is the thought of going back to work causing you to dread it?

Many people are in unfulfilling, boring and frustrating jobs and dread work even after a relaxing break.  Instead of feeling refreshed, recharged and re-energised for the year ahead, and looking forward to their job, they dread going to or being at work.

Before You Jump Ship…

Before you jump ship and change jobs out of sheer frustration or boredom, consider the following first.  Understand what is causing the frustration, unfulfilment, boredom or dread about your current role.  Is it:

  •   the type of work you are doing
  •   the specific tasks in your job
  •   the people you work with
  •   the processes and systems you use
  •   the hours you work
  •   the location of your work
  •   a combination of the above
  •   or something else?

Do you have sufficient confidence and skill to do your job?  Are there any areas you need to improve to increase your performance and success at work?  Do you have enough motivation, and sense of purpose at work or not?

Which of the above are helping you to enjoy work?  Which of the above are causing you to dread work?  This is really important because there is little point in changing jobs if you take the same problems with you.  For example, if you lack confidence, self-belief or sabotage yourself in a work situation, simply changing jobs will probably be insufficient to change your level of confidence and self-belief and to permanently stop the self sabotage.  The same problems will still be there, yet in a new job.

With the above self-reflection, here are at least 3 options for you to choose between:

1. Stay the Course

The first option is to stay in the same unfulfilling, boring job and put up with it as it is.  Essentially, change nothing.  It is OK if you make this choice – just remember to then take responsibility for making this decision.  If you choose this option, then do your best to make the most of it for as long as you stay there.

2. Mix It Up

The next option is to stay in your current job, and change how you relate to it.  Rather than dreading the work, the people or the processes you use at work, change the meaning you give to these.

As an example, I remember my first job at the bank.  After completing my Bachelor of Economics I was offered a job as part of the bank’s Graduate Development Program, which included 9 months of hands on learning in branches – everything from putting stamps on letters, being a teller, to completing loan applications as a lending assistant manager.

My first two days on the job involved me sitting in the back room of the local bank branch watching videos (yes videos) of how banks operate.  Each night I came home after work in tears.  I hated it, and dreaded going back the next day.  “I did not study for all those years to just sit and watch videos.  I want to be an Economist. I did not sign up for this”, I though to myself.

It was a challenge to motivate myself to go back to work on days 2, 3…, yet I did it!  I gave myself a pep talk and off to work I went, day after day.  13 years later I was still at the bank, and had a role as an Economist for 9 years.  I stayed focused on my goal rather than the day to day monotony, and I achieved my goal.

Remember to stay focused on your career goal – is your current role simply a stepping stone to where you really want to be in your career?  Or do you need to give your current role a different meaning to motivate yourself and to perform?  Or do you need to build more self-belief, confidence, motivation, skills, etc to have more fulfillment, and look forward to work?

3. Stop Hiding

The third option is the most rewarding – to follow what you love to do and what you feel passionate about.  First, you need to discover what this is.  From my experience, the fastest way for you to do that is to let go of all the fears, self doubts and deeper core issues that suppress your passion.  Everyone knows their passion deep down – most people keep it hidden from themselves with their fears, self doubts and deeper core issues.  Once you address these, a clarity emerges.  Then with this clarity, you are ready to follow through with purposeful action to achieve your passion, and your ideal career/business goal.

I have personally experienced all of the above 3 scenarios, and have helped thousands of clients to take action and achieve options 2 and 3 above.  Here are some client experiences of how they have achieved their ideal careers, started their ideal businesses, and successfully started their businesses in helping others.

Begin your journey to stop dreading work, download your free resources today.  You are also welcome to email me with any questions and for a confidential reply.

Looking forward to empowering you!

Dr Vesna

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