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Qt Wins Best Personal & Business Transformation & Training Company 2023 (Australia)

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We are honoured to share our latest award news.  Qt has just won the Best Personal & Business Transformation & Training Company 2023 (Australia) in the 2023 Global CEO Excellence Awards.

The Awards Judges and team note that “Unwavering leadership cultivates an environment of trust, nourishment, and, of course, success. By dedicating themselves to their professionalism, their teams, and their overall business strategies, our award winners have been guiding their businesses to an enviable status. We’re here to commemorate the astonishing achievements of CEOs from around the world as they create a lasting impression on their sectors.

Without a sturdy leader at the helm, a business may not survive the troughs that an industry experiences. And, ultimately, the peaks may not be as high without the drive to get there in the first place. This year, our featured CEOs have seen a fantastic level of recognition and they are set on an upward trajectory for the future to come. As always, we host this program to recognise and celebrate those who have seen incredible success over the last year. “

Qt – Transforming the Industry since 2000

This award recognises our ongoing leadership and innovation in transforming the industry since 2000. 

We are also delighted to have just completed running our 88th transformational certification training with very excited students!  This means that there are now even more skilled and confident practitioners helping more people, and assisting us to achieve our vision of creating an empowered society.

After founding Qt, Dr Vesna Grubacevic decided to transform the industry.  She changed the industry standard way of training back in 2000, with a highly personalised, result-producing and transformational approach to our trainings.  We have applied the same principles to working with clients one on one for deep and lasting transformation. 

A Quantum Leap in Transformation!

By far the biggest transformation we made was the discovery and development of a new filter/deep unconscious driver of human behaviour as part of Dr Vesna’s PhD, Qt respect i®.  After working with thousands of clients and identifying a gap in the market and an unmet client need, Dr Vesna created these unique quantum transformational techniques.  This has transformed the depth and speed of lasting change, with each deep core unconscious driver and issue being permanently addressed in 5 minutes, and without working with memories or the client talking about their past. 

Thank You!

A huge thank you to our clients, team, networks, community, the wonderful people who nominated us, and the award judges for this honour.  We are humbled by this award win, and for another recognition of our ongoing leadership and innovation in our industry. 

To celebrate our latest award win, we are offering specials on our upcoming trainings (very limited places now available):

Be Empowered by the Most Awarded Trainer, Practitioner and Company in this Industry, and:

If you need any support with the above, please contact Dr Vesna for a personalised, confidential, complimentary reply.

With gratitude!

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